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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  October 10, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> hello there, yet another busy day in washington, d.c. gop controlled congress couldn't pass a healthcare bill so the president says he'll take matters into his own hands. >> as you can see from the run down over there, this is one of the top takers tonight at 6:30. so let's get to it. >> and i'll also be signing something probably this week which will go a long way to take care every many of the people that have been so badly hurt on healthcare, and they'll be able to buy, they'll be able to cross state lines and they'll get great competitive healthcare. it will cost the united state nothing. >> president trump planning to sign an executive order soon that said would expand healthcare options for some americans, critics s
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obamacare market, reportedly reached down to see if democrats wanted to work with him on the plan. >> but they made it clear it is not interested in repeal and replace but say they're opening to improving the existing system, of course healthcare one of the many things on our agenda tonight here at 5@6:30, so our guest, two familiar faces apparently both got the memo to wear the same shade of green. here, jamison your left, although he's on the right, atina morrow, here to help us break down the news of the day. >> you'll make it confusing, guys. you guys are like matching today. all right. >> it is unity. >> exactly. that's what it is all about. all right, let's talk about, you know, we are seeing all of this talk about healthcare. we thought it was over and done w no idea what the president has planned, but said he might sign something. what do we think will happen here? >> well, i think specifically he is thinking of the executive order. and it would probably try to attempt to do some of the stuff that was not able to get accomplished through passing of basic
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certainly as a democratic strategies, you know, when you're having your own gop cannot sort of agree on what the best bill is, and start to work across the aisle, and actually make some actual inch roads in that regard, i would actually try and go with actually bipartisanship. because people actually want to see congress work together. >> sorry, james, i mean it, hasn't worked so far. got o. p hasn't been able to get anything passed. president is certainly looking for a win. is this a good idea? >> you know, i think it is disappointing kind of how the administration has gone to this point. you know, failure to pass anything with majorities in both the house and the senate. i think that executive orders also haven't been that successful for this president in terms of inch mr. men takes and kind whatever they mean. so i understanded, you know, maybe a particular short lived whim. but i think the white house really needs to be thinking about the long-term gain here, and they just haven't been able to do that yet. >> i think when you talk about that, it real eye ties into
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president trump and going at that time with senator bob corker, guy who may be leaving the senate, but this will still be very crucial vote. you want his vote. you want to support over the next year and a half. he's not going anywhere any time soon. >> there is a lot of things going on, north korea, a iran deal, you know, just building relationship with world leaders, and having him as an ally in regard to specially when he's having rough relationship with the secretary every state right now. it is really critical. >> go ahead. >> also going to say i think it is also funniest looking at executive orders how often he criticizes president obama for putting out executive orders. >> you guys sort of brought up rex tillerson, who he is criticized the whole, well, he said they need to dot iq test together after tillerson reportedly called him a moran, said it was a joke today, then you mention bob corker. certainly, the back and forth and the feuding, is a distraction for what should be what we should be talking about, how much of a problem is this for the administration? >> i think huge issue. people like steve ban on on
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last night talking about primary every republican senator, i think the republican party is almost in the midst of a civil war in the sense of having two different factions, you know, those at the white house, those in washington, potential other outsiders. i think big issue, i know a lot of senators backed away from a feud today. but the reality there is issue here. we're not able to get anything done as a party. i think that will be the biggest thing coming into 2018. now about a year away. we haven't really been able to successfully pass anything that was campaigned on, so the president needs to get out of campaign mode, into governing mode. that hasn't happened yet. >> when you say that thinking yes, get out of campaign mode, but started seeing rumbling who will run in 2020, after you pass the midterms next year, 2020 is upon us. >> yes. >> i mean, i wouldn't be surprised if bob corker said he was running for president at this point. >> and tweets about that specially now that's put the some criticism very publicly and and talked to some pain best it. >> is the infighting we're seeing in the
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not good for the gop could this be something that boosts the democrat, especially as we look forward into 2018. >> ill definitely say that we are are doing our best to side step any republican arguments that focus on getting our agenda for it. and focusing on the elections, not only in 2018, but obviously we have a big, you know, elections happening over on my side of the river in virginia. so for us obviously it is a been if they can't pass anything, and can't run on anything it, will make it harder for them to actually win next year. >> i'll tell you what cents fascinating, look at the democrats next year, you know, really what's going to come into view, the division between the people who back bernie sanders and the people who back hillary clinton. still seems to be two incredibly different schools every thought out there on how you get things done. that's a challenge the democrats may have on the horizon here. >> i think donald trump was essentially able to steel the economic message, from democrats, and really run with that, and win some of the key states, so i think that would be the challenge for democrats to try to p
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economic message, especially despite some of the miss steps at the white house, the economy, still doing pretty well, up in wall street. so i think that's kinds of the balance, you know, we see there, bill clinton always incredibly unpopular but during the midst of the scandal i should say but wall street still doing very well. so i think people were satisfied with the job he was doing, and so that will be something to watch i would say. >> indeed. final words, almost out of time. >> just going to say going into 2018, it will be, you know, the fact that clinton and the clinton and sanders camps are very much unite in the making sure that trump and the gop don't succeed in some of the policies that they're passing so i think that will unite us going into 2018, considering the elections. >> we will be watching. you guys, thanks so much for coming in tonight. thank you for marching. >> good seeing you both, thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, let's talk about another walt, the battle between the white house and nfl players who cheat to kneel during the national anthem, president started his day with a hands
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one aimed directly at the nfl it asked why the nfl is getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our anthem, law and country. we should mention the league gave up its tax ex em status, steams have always been subject today tax. >> and the other thing too what it seem they tried to clarify today during the briefing, in which it is true, states and local governments have given so much money to build arenas, build stadium, but no federal implication there. but nonetheless, then we had news that broke that nfl commissioner roger goodel sent a letter to the teams he wands players to stand during the national anthem, threatening to erode the ooh filing power of the game. >> what did the american people think of these latest development? we sent fox5 ronica clear toy get the pulse of the people tonight. anica, what are people thinking? is the government too much in this? >> reporter: you know, jim, and sean, the views were absolutely mixed. and i think it really does speak to how much of a divide this controversy has
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and that there is clearly not one side that is in the majority. the question we pose to people, you know, should the president bewaring in on the workings of a private enterprize. because, now we're so far in the weeds, talking about the tax exempt status, been going on for weeks, the vice president leaving the colt game, i mean, there are so many off shoots of this debate that people are arguing. let's just take a step back, and just ask the question: should the president get involved in the first place? take a listen to the pulse of the people. >> everything is all about what comes out of the white house. particularly by twitter. and it is dominating every bit of the news cycle. >> definitely the white house, all of the tweets, everything else, yes, totally over shadows it. >> i probably don't know enough about it to really answer many questions about it. i am losing a little bit of interest in it, probably because of the lot of the things that are many doing out of the white house. >> i'm following the race, yesment i'm wear of the democrat
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they're both running. >> okay, so that was our pulled of the people from yesterday. out here doing this every day. but as i said, the views were absolutely mixed. you know, some people said, you know, it is fine to share that opinion. but at the end of the day, he's taking it too far. well, while other frankly just said he's the president of the united state. and he can do whatever he want. i mean, a real mix, and wide variety of views, which you could certainly see as these event unfold on social media. i mean, it was fast nature to go watch, you know, the worlds respond on social media to the vice president decide to leave that colt's game, so there you have it. little insight into what you're thinking about in this new controversy. back to you, jim, sean? >> thank you, ronica. i'm not surprise today hear that there are mixed opinions. i mean, this is how this whole thing has gone since it started. you got two sides of this. and at one pointy thought we were almost over it, and then, you know it, seems like every day we get another little tweet or something health about it and it pulls us right back in. >> and the circumstances behind
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what we saw on sunday, still up in the air little bit. again, seem like the fire calm down a little bit but here we are. >> we know the president makes a lot of big claims, how many of them are actually true. >> according to a report in the washington post, president trump made 1,018 false or misleading claims over 263 days. washington post fact check reporter joins us via skype. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> did i read that number correctly, 1,318 false or misleading claims? >> you did. >> well, many of them are repeated claims he often talks about obamacare, often talks about creating jobs that he a lot of times doesn't have anything to do with, those two are some of the most repeated claims that we've seen. and we started this project on day one of his presidency. and now he's averaged about five claims per day. >> so we mention this, there has been a lot of fact checking, media been doing
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and i think there still seems to be blow back whether you point out thing, let's go back to one of the most famous things, looking at a rally. they said all along mexico would pay for the border wall yet in this situation now where the debate is he's saying okay, congress will pay for it, so there is a lot of people out there saying the media is coming after the president, not listening to what saying, but some miss truths out that plane to see. >> shower. well, our goal is to point out the false and misleading claims and oftentimes inconsistent claims or promises that he had made but flip flopped on. basically tracking whether the president is telling the truth to the public and the veracity of his claims. and that's what we do at washington post fact checker. and this project came about because we have a lot of claims that we look into that come from the president, and we new about his habit from fact checking him during the campaign. we wanted to have a central pot
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track of everything he is saying, while making sure that we're fact checking other politicians, too. >> michelle, just curious, how does president trump stack to up his predecessors when it comes to these false or misleading claims? >> he's very different in the way he speaks compared to former president obama. i can tell you that still president, former president obama remains the most fact checked politician, because he was president for such a long time, and we were a fact checking him throughout his presidency. so we didn't have a similar claim data base at the time, especially because the first two years of the obama presidency the fact checker wasn't around. and so we weren't able to start from the very beginning. and this is a new project that is different from the way, you know, because from the beginning of the trump presidency we were table to start something like this. but we thoroughly fact checked former president obama and we continued to thoroughly fact check president trump. >> i don't know if you're able
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it matter to voters? does it matter to the american people, whether we hear, you know, that this number, does nus >> well, i can tell you that we hear from a lot of readers, and, you know, some of them say maybe you're took hard on him, maybe you're not being hard enough on him. and our goal some to be a public service, and provide all of the information possible to let voters supporters opponent who ever you are in the public, can really see the full set of fact. and for the most part, the fact checking we do, we go very indepth in all of these claims. we try to present cents as much of the fact as possible. and allow the read tears see the full set. that will instance like this where we do a claims data base, kind of tracking and kinds of doing spot analysis of that, it is not as deep as we normally get in our normal fact check columns. but that's why this is a different type of project that we've done compared to the past. >> definitely. all right, michelle, thank you very much. it is good to see you
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know you've been on the show before. we appreciate the insight. >> thank you. >> all right, let's talk a little bit about the weather forecast, because still little humid out there today. let's check in now with sue palka. finds out how long this humidity will be sticking around. you know it will still be a bit humid tomorrow, sean, but big drop in temperatures. we kind of need that to happenment check out the high temperatures. eighty-eight at reagan national. that's new records at dullos, at 87. and 86 at bwi. we are about 20 agrees above average today. and we are going to drop it, by almost 18 degrees tomorrow. so, we've got some big changes ahead, but the problem is that the winds flow will be off the ocean, so it will still and little bit on the muggy side. and clouds will be around, and showers are going to develop late tonight, and they'll be around for the morning commute tomorrow. so get the rain gear handy. grab a jacket. because temperatures will definitely drop, wet and much cooler, as we go forward for the next two, maybe three days. now the temperatures are going to rebound by
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we will be back near 80 degrees. it will be warm, dry weekends. we do need this rain. and it may end up being an inch or 2 inches every rain. we have the better signs of fall weather showing up without the rain early next week. maybe by tuesday. temperatures in the upper 60s. so hang in there a little bit longer. >> this fake october looks like it will be rolling out pretty soon. back over to sean and jim now. >> thank you, sue. >> call it president trump versus rex tillerson, the battle of the minds. >> we're going to see a iq test comparison, maybe. we will talk about that on the other side of the break. thank you, jim.
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>> president trump is proposing iq challenge, and secretary of state rex tillerson. >> i thought it was a joke, but all stems from a report that rex tillerson called the president a more on. let's bring in tom fitzgerald for more on this subject. >> good evening, well, this came by way this morning of an interview, that was published
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in forbes magazine. now, the thesis of the magazine was to get into the mindset of president trump, and it really details how while a lot of people might think that the things that the president are doing are unlike things that they've ever seen here in washington, this forbes article actually really makes the point that donald trump may be one of the most consistent people in the way he handles himself over the last 30 years, forbes looked at the way trump answered a lot of questions over their history every interview with him, and they said that a lot of the things that we're seeing right now, the way he deals with other officials like rex tillerson is very consistent with the way he dealt with people in the business world. now, we know that the president and rex tillerson in report have been at odds in some respects, and rex tillerson may or may not have called him a more on at some point. but the president has been consistently when public saying that he has a very good relationship with his secretary of state, and when
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reiterated his commitment to having rex tillerson to continue to serve at the state department. >> no, i didn't under cut anybody. i don't believe in under cutting people. >> all right, so, apparently, this goes back a ways with the president. here's a tweet from back in 2013. it says sorry, losers and haters, but my iq is one of the highest. and you all know it. please don't feel so stupid or insecure. it is not your fault. so, what this came from was this section in the interview when they asked about this question about, you know, whether or not he and rex tillerson were on the same page. you know, the concern here is, sean and jim, is this: one of the things forbes says, trump says in this forbes interview, is that he, as a negotiating tactic, and
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almost, will use belittling of people that he sees as rivals. if you draw that into the situation right now, and he is locked in this kind of rivalry with his own secretary of state, that is not where you want the president of the united states and the secretary of state to be. you don't want those two being seen each other as rivals specially since those will the two probably along with the secretary of state and secretary of defense, that are supposed to be the most in lock step with the president, not seeing each other as rivals in anyway. >> well, you know, fits on the breitbart side, at least we've changed over the years, and we're no longer settling things with a dual, like alexander hamilton. we just sends mean tweet out. >> mean tweet or ask for iq tests, either or, i'll show you mine if you show me yours. >> there you go. >> well, maybe one day a fantastic musical will come out. >> oh, i hope not. i hope not, fitz, i don't even want to see. that will. >> what rhymes with tillerson? >> all right, yes, already this, thank you, fitz, we appreciate it.
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>> welcome back, the president's approval rating has fall never all 50 states, according to new pole. >> morning consult survey found that mr. trump's national job performance numbers have also dropped since january, last month 43% of respondent approve of the perform and, 52% disapproved. new pole also found majority of voters in 25 states who say they disapproved of the president's job performance. meantime former president jimmy carter reportedly agreed meet with kim jong un for peace talks. >> after claimed successfully tested miniature hydrogen bomb last month that can be placed on intercontinental balistic missile. no word tonight if they've accepted that offer. but, the university of georgia professor did detail carter's offer to a south korean newspaper, the
6:54 pm
carter wants to prevent a second korean war. keep you posted. >> first wife iran a talking about her ex-husband and first lady melania trump. >> during a interview on fox and friends today, ivan a trump called melania family and said she thinks the president is doing the best job he can. although in another interview ivan a said that she doesn't call the white house to speak with her ex-husband because melania is there and doesn't want to cause any jelousy because quote she said i'm basically first trump wife, okay, i'm first lady. >> are you and melania friends? >> i see her here and there, there is absolutely no problem. >> do you ever look at his position and melania being the first lady and think that's where i should be? >> not at all. >> melania trump released a statement and called ivan a's comments attention seeking and self-serving noise. >> we should point ate advantage a book has a bang out called raising trump, not doing quite well on the amazon trump. >> she
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>> i will say in another interview, when asked, she said she has problems with the second wife, marla maples. she said she was never did anything with her life. no problem with melania. she called her the first laid. >> i doesn't even call her marla in the book. calls her show girl. back after this. this. we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way.
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>> being zero being president can be pretty exhausting. >> the president of turkey fell asleep, oh, he was awake he nodded off, struggled to keep his eye open. the turkish ukrainian talks lasted for just about three hours, the thugs roughed up a bunch of protesters here in d.c., couple every months ago. >> so, just to point out who that is. but there you have it. sleepy boy. i feel so story for him. >> not really. >> no. >> okay, but anyway, thanks so much for joining us tonight on five at 6:30. >> see you tonight on the final five at 11:30, we wl
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president trump and the bob corker feud. fox5 plus at 8:00. >> bye. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned,
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d like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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[captioning made possible by warner brs. domestic television distribution] announcer: today on "tmz." charles: donald trump ready to go to war over the dallas cowboys owner. >> donald trump woke up this morning in a full twitter rant and said that jemele hill and espn would be his target. >> he's spiking the football, actually. jemele hill was suspected from espn -- suspended from espn for two weeks because she tweeted about jerry jones. >> bella hadid, she turned 21 and she posted this photo of her in a g-string. that's her sister, she went to a surprise party. kelly: i've always been weird about men that wanted to be with sisters. >> why would that be weird? >> if you had bella and gigi, it would be weird if the started kissing.


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